Monday, December 8, 2008

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lighting Assignment

Assignment 3 was to use mood lighting, so I used front and top lighting. My first picture is of front lighting, I placed the light in front of the lens. The lighting hit the front of the subject I photographed. The second picture is of top lighting, I placed the light to the top of the lens. The lighting hit the top of the subject I photographed.

Lighting Assignment

Assignment 2 was to diffuse that light of the subject you were photographing. I diffused the light by putting a towel over the light. Again it made the photo a little darker but not that much.

Lighting Assignment

Assignment 1 was to use a white poster board to reflect light, I did not use sunlight because there was no sunlight so I used direct light from a lamp. When I was reflecting the white poster board on my subject it made it a little darker.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Here are some pictures I took of my family over the weekend!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

My event was a softball game.  It was the district championship.  As I was taking these photos I was acting like I was working for the newspaper and that they were going to be using my pictures for a story about the outcome of the game.

Monday, October 6, 2008

My question for Denise McGill was what inspires her to do these photos?
Her response was that she just likes to use people and their stories. She gets her ideas like that, then goes and takes the photo.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I chose the landscape photos for my critique in class because I felt the landscape pictures were my strongest. This is my favorite photo from this assignment. The left photo is the original one and the right photo is the photoshop one. All I did to this photo was change it to grayscale and then messed with the levels a bit. While taking these photos I was really focusing on the horizon and lines throughout the frame of the site.

Monday, September 22, 2008

This is assignment 3, using word, idea, or concept as inspiration for your work. When I was shooting these photos, I wanted to use different angles. I was straight over the set up, on the side, then in the middle. I used the tissue paper to give the photo some lines. The left picture is my bad one because the light too much to handle. It was too bright. The right picture is my good one because the lighting is perfect. The angle of the photo makes the picture what it is!

This is assignment 2, framing an object or body part and I chose a body part. These feet are of my best friend, Kourtney. She had painted her toenails and I loved the pink and I also had these neat rug that looked good with her toenails. Before I began shooting these photos, I wanted to concentrate on the angle of photo. I used the rug to give the photo a sense of line. The left photo is my bad one because it is to straight on and blurry because it is to close. The right photo is my good one because I took the picture standing over the top of her feet and I took it at an angle to show depth.

This is assignment 1, framing a landscape. As I was taking these photos; I was trying to capture nature at its beauty. I wanted to try to use the elements of line and depth. The photo on the left is my bad one because I wish I would of taken it at more of an angle and also not so much of the ground. The photo on the right is my good one because it shows great lines. The line of the trees, rocks, and the coast of the water. I took it at a slight angle but I wish it would of been a little more extreme.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I changed the color balance in this photo, because the original was really dark so I made it easier to see who is in the photo and what they are doing. 
I took this photo because I wanted people to see my brother in action, playing the sport that he loves.  My brother is number 42 and he is on the kick off team ready and waiting for his teammate to kick the ball.  The boy beside him is one of his best friends. 
Friday night is game night and I wanted to show my brothers in action out on the field. I want to attempt this by getting close to the field and action and taking it at a good angle.

Monday, September 15, 2008

When I was taking these photos I was trying to concentrate on getting more of an action shot. In the first photo, there are three boys in the shot waiting for the kick off. It is a little dark but I think it shows what they are getting ready for. The next picture is of my brother discussing the game with one of the water boys as he waits patiently to go back in the game. The last photo is of my other brother and his best friend. They are waiting for the defense to get them the ball back, so they can score on offense.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I picked the photo of Brad Pitt, when he is posing on the bed. There is not a spot that is out of focus. The lighting in this shot defiantly artificial and it is very soft. It is very relaxing and calming. There are a few shadows; one in the top left corner, and then some little shadows throughout the sheet (like in the bottom right corner). There are a lot of shadows around his body, his legs, arms, head, and so on. Lines are every where in this photo. They are throughout the sheets; some are short, long, curvy, and lumpy. The lines in his shirt catch your eye and you focus on him. The wall acts as huge lines, it draws your eyes to it also. His pants have a cheetah print pattern going on, your eye just seems to bounce to and away from them. Again the lines in his shirt do the exact same thing. His shirt and pants are not so much of a repetition as they are creating a pattern. What I noticed in the lines of the sheets was that some of the lines connect and make shapes. If you look at it you can see triangles and a few diamond shapes (especially looking at the side of the bed). The space between him and the sheets is important positive because he is lying on the sheets and it is like they absorbed him or something. The space from the bed to the wall is important also, because it shows how close he is to the wall and the hallway. It looks like if he falls off he would hit the wall or fall in the hallway. Wow, there is so much texture in this photo. First, looking at the floor you can tell it is soft and plush carpet. Secondly, the texture on the bed, the sheets are orange and they look almost a little tie-dyed. Thirdly, the texture on the wall looks so smooth and clean. Fourthly, the textures of his clothes seem, soft and warm, like it is made of cotton. Fifthly, the texture on his face, by looking at his face you can tell that he has facial hair and it is scruffy looking. His hair is slicked back and looks so smooth. I would say the value of the photo is in his eyes. His eyes look so deep in thought and wonder. One of the highest values was the sheets and his clothes. Your eye just wanders right to those things. The darkest values would have to be the floor and the wall. They are too plain and not colorful that your eye does not focus on that.