Thursday, September 11, 2008

I picked the photo of Brad Pitt, when he is posing on the bed. There is not a spot that is out of focus. The lighting in this shot defiantly artificial and it is very soft. It is very relaxing and calming. There are a few shadows; one in the top left corner, and then some little shadows throughout the sheet (like in the bottom right corner). There are a lot of shadows around his body, his legs, arms, head, and so on. Lines are every where in this photo. They are throughout the sheets; some are short, long, curvy, and lumpy. The lines in his shirt catch your eye and you focus on him. The wall acts as huge lines, it draws your eyes to it also. His pants have a cheetah print pattern going on, your eye just seems to bounce to and away from them. Again the lines in his shirt do the exact same thing. His shirt and pants are not so much of a repetition as they are creating a pattern. What I noticed in the lines of the sheets was that some of the lines connect and make shapes. If you look at it you can see triangles and a few diamond shapes (especially looking at the side of the bed). The space between him and the sheets is important positive because he is lying on the sheets and it is like they absorbed him or something. The space from the bed to the wall is important also, because it shows how close he is to the wall and the hallway. It looks like if he falls off he would hit the wall or fall in the hallway. Wow, there is so much texture in this photo. First, looking at the floor you can tell it is soft and plush carpet. Secondly, the texture on the bed, the sheets are orange and they look almost a little tie-dyed. Thirdly, the texture on the wall looks so smooth and clean. Fourthly, the textures of his clothes seem, soft and warm, like it is made of cotton. Fifthly, the texture on his face, by looking at his face you can tell that he has facial hair and it is scruffy looking. His hair is slicked back and looks so smooth. I would say the value of the photo is in his eyes. His eyes look so deep in thought and wonder. One of the highest values was the sheets and his clothes. Your eye just wanders right to those things. The darkest values would have to be the floor and the wall. They are too plain and not colorful that your eye does not focus on that.

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